Stay at home & Buy

You want to buy a property in the Dominican Republic, but don't know where to start?

You will definitely benefit from our hassle-free stay at home & buy package. 

The hassle-free “stay at home & buy” package for the smart investor who can’t travel for only $299 includes:

  • Visiting several residential areas and “hot spots” in Punta Cana and or Cap Cana in order to get an overview of the area (prior to your purchase and choice of condo/villa you buy) over facetime or WhatsApp (if desired by investor/buyer)
  • Visiting the chosen properties or property sites / new developments over facetime or WhatsApp
  • Preparing and negotiating the offer for the buyer / investor (if requested, with the translation of Spanish documents in your preferred language)
  • Arrange contact with closing lawyers or your choice for your legal presentation in your preferred language (English, German, Spanish, French, Creole, etc)
  • Arrange contacts with financing banks
  • Support throughout the buying process through a US LICENSED Realtor
  • Assistance to get contracts for electricity, internet and water after your purchase
  • Help to get your property “rent or AirBnB ready” and arrange to purchase missing items (dishes, linen, furniture, etc – the price for those items is not included)
You want to benefit from these advantages, but want to experience it live and first hand? Then have a look at our hassle-free “fly & buy” package!

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